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Andy Brodie

Program Director / Cofounder
Born-and-raised Iowan now living in Brooklyn, New York. I am the co-founder and program director of FilmScene, a 501c3 nonprofit film arts organization and cinema located in downtown Iowa City, as well as co-founder of the Des Moines Film Society. I enjoyed a previous life as a newspaper reporter and copy editor and am an alum of both Iowa State University in my hometown of Ames, Iowa, and the University of Iowa in Iowa City. A selected participant for the Telluride Film Festival's annual Student Symposium in 2005, I have worked annually for the fest every year since and consider Telluride to be "Cinephile Heaven on Earth." I've also made several short films, including "End of the Sawdust Trial," an award-winning black and white silent shot on Super 8 that played at festivals across the U.S. and abroad after premiering at the Sarasota Film Festival. The arts, baseball, and motorcycles -- these are a few of my favorite things. Twitter @andybrodie / Instagram @andyiowa
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