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Gary Meyer

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Oakland, CA

Gary Meyer started his first theater in the family barn when he was twelve-years-old. He directed a monster movie there and wanted to show it on the set. It became The Above-the-Ground Theatre where over 250 films were screened along with live productions, workshops and the publication of a literary/arts/satire zine, “Nort!” and a film newsletter, “Ciné.”  After film school at SFSU he calls his first job as a booker for United Artists Theatres “grad school”--- it was prep to co-founding Landmark Theatres in 1975. With partners Steve Gilula, Paul Richardson and Bert Manzari they grew to  a national art house chain focused on creative marketing strategies to build loyal audiences for non-Hollywood fare. Meyer led his team to create a variety of film festivals and special events to counter-program the increasing competition from home video and cable. After the partners sold Landmark, Gary consulted on many projects including developing concepts for Sundance Cinemas and the Business/Programming/Marketing Plans for  Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas and other venues, created the Dockers Classically Independent Film Festival, the no-budget Solstice Fest and Tube Film Festival for the X Games. He resurrected the 1926 Balboa Theatre in San Francisco and joined the Telluride Film Festival in 1998, becoming a Festival Co-Director in 2007-2014.  He founded the online magazine in April 2014, and EatDrinkFilms Feastival presenting food and beverage related films with tastings. Meyer also consults with film festivals and does specialized programming for food, music and film festivals.